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Considerations When Choosing A Water Tank

Water storage reservoirs, sometimes also called cisterns, have one major purpose of storing water for domestic or commercial use. Commercial or industrial water tanks serve on vital purpose of ensuring that the consumer gets clean and safe water anytime he/she needs it.

Commercial water storage tanks are becoming a common feature in everyday life with more people discovering the benefits of having control over fresh water supply. Water storage tanks act as catchment tools for water from rain, rivers, springs etc so as to purify the water to standards that are acceptable for human consumption. There are two main types of water storage tanks that can be used for commercial purposes, and they are elevated and underground types.

It is very dangerous to store acids and hydrocarbon fuels such as petrol on high grounds, and that is why it is advisable to store them in the ground. depend on the substance store in the ground reservoirs, they can either be covered or remain uncovered. There are three ways in which the groundwater tanks can be constructed, either below the ground, partially below the ground or above the ground accompanied with a water pump. Elevated water tanks are used to store water and other related nontoxic liquids.

There are two types of elevated water tanks; steel tanks and standpipes. The most striking feature of the standpipe type of commercial water tank is the fact that they are high rise circular in shape. The conspicuous form or appearance of the elevated tanks is that they are mounted on one pillar with beautiful finishing.

There exist many varieties of tanks in the market and this is a very vital consideration for one to look into when selecting the tank to buy. Whether you decide to store potable water, wastewater, chemicals or other liquids , it is crucial for you to bear in mind that each material has it own specific requirement. Water storage tanks that are available in the market can further be classified according to the material which they are made of, like plastic or galvanized tanks.

The term “galvanized” is a term derived from the combination of zinc and iron sheets. Rusting or corroding nature of iron is curbed by the application of zinc alloy on its outer coat. If zinc mixes with stored water, then a horrible metallic taste will be developed; this unpleasant occurrence of stopped by additional reinforcement of inner poly lining. The galvanized tanks are welded in such a way that the joints cannot leak. When one intends to buy a certain size or shape of water tank, the galvanized tanks guarantee variety of sizes and shapes too. Another aspect of galvanized water tanks is that they are easy to install and to put in place. Rough surfaces should be avoided as they can poke holes in the bottom of the tank

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