Reasons Why You Would Need to Visit Your Podiatrist

Podiatrists are specialists for our feet. They can resolve our issues with the foot and ankle and even identify why we are having lower leg issues as it relates to the foot and ankle. Podiatrists can prescribe medications and can perform surgery as needed. It is good to have a doctor that has a specific expertise in our mobility. Foot pain is bad. The feet are so sensitive, and a minor injury can stop you from walking for quite a while. A podiatrist can help. They will look at our feet, analyze the problem and suggest a good solution. Reasons you may want to see a podiatrist include foot injury, unidentified pain in foot or ankle, or if you have diabetes.

Foot Injury

If you feel like you may have sprained your foot or ankle or even if you feel it may be broken, a podiatrist can take a look. They will analyze your feet and come up with a solution. You can receive a cast if needed right there in the podiatrist’s office. In some cases, surgery may be needed, but it is a last resort treatment that the podiatrist will recommend. If you do need it, that is something the podiatrist can do as well. Things podiatrist commonly operate on are stubborn ingrown toenails, broken bones and bunions.

Unidentified Pain in Foot or Ankle

If at any times you feel stiff tender swollen joints in your feet and ankles you should see a podiatrist. You will need an evaluation because arthritis can have a direct effect on feet mobility. Acute pain in your heel or the center of your foot could mean some form of bony growth that needs to be checked out. When you see a podiatrist, you can expect to get a foot exam and some x-rays done. The doctor will want to be able to properly diagnose your condition. If you have a faint or acute pain that you are unsure about, make your earliest appointment to a podiatrist pasadena md.

You Have Diabetes

People with diabetes need to see a podiatrist at least once a year. With the diabetic condition foot problems can occur more frequently than usual. It can be something as simple as dry skin to very serious infections. Cracks or breaks in the skin on the foot should all be taken care of right away. The nerves are sensitive and the skin on the foot is extremely thin. Having a podiatrist evaluate your feet on an annual basis lowers the risk of amputation by over 50%.

Podiatrists are extremely knowledgeable about concerns of the lower leg, ankle and foot. You should get to one if you are having problems in those areas. It is good to see a podiatrist is you have a foot injury, unidentified pain in the foot or ankle, or if you have diabetes. A podiatrist can see your foot back to health in all the steps from diagnosis to surgery, to casting, to providing pain medication back to healing.