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Ways To Effectively Use Instagram Instagram is a mobile application that was invented by Kevin Systrom a Harvard University student then. Launched on the October 6 2010, it is a site for freely sharing images. Over three million people were using Instagram three months after launching. Instagram allows a user to share images with followers who they are connected. It has been widely successful from the launching of it. Instagram has a lot of users who have a smartphone. As a result of the growth in the Instagram community, a lot of people are utilizing it for doing business. There are ways to enhance your experience when using Instagram. Hashtags greatly determine the way people interact. They were introduced to increase the effectiveness of its use. The hashtags are important for the people doing business since, it becomes easy to find their products in the search bar. A user stands to gain through the hashtags as their can cause a subject or product to go viral. Use of hashtags lessen the time taken for an interested client to find your product. Photos and videos are powerful in communicating a message. Since Instagram is all about photos, it`s not advisable to take just random photos. Its important to market your products by regularly posting pictures of them as this will also boost revenue. You should ensure that the photo highlight the main features and functions of the product in question and also appeals the wide audience. Videos should apply the same principle. This can be with your employees doing a task or live product reviews. Due to their preference by majority of the people, pictures and videos are more probable to creating traffic for your post. The reason for this is that they tend to last longer in the memory.
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You should create a contest for your followers. People have a loving for free things, promotional offers and other discounts. It is, therefore, a good thought to consider creating a competition. In such a situation, the seller of the product and the followers stand to win. The followers receive a free item whereas the owner of the business gets marketing for their products. A competition can be in the form of asking followers to post an image of themselves holding your product which is also a way of marketing product. Giving a present for the most captivating photo posted is a good way to promote your product.
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It is essential you monitor your excellence on Instagram. Applications are available to help you do the tracking on the platform. Tracking helps you to determine which photo has been well-liked, what period is most preferable to update an image on your timeline.